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We know how it goes. Cousin Clyde likes country, your uncle digs rock and roll and your grandmother wants pop music. Who is willing to take on the awesome task of peacemaker? WE ARE!

Tor Michaels Entertainment wants to ensure that your reception goes off without a hitch. That's why we've created the online planner, your first step to a peaceful, easy feeling at your own reception. Simply talk over your song choices with your intended (after all, it is YOUR special day) and submit the form. Choose the order of events for your reception from the two lists on the planner form, and you're halfway there!

Now hear DO NOT have to meet with us! That's right, one less meeting! We know the number of meetings you have to schedule to make your day happen, that's why for your convenience we require only that you call us the week of your wedding to set everything in stone! In fact, you should be sure to wait until the week of your wedding to make that call, thereby avoiding the need to call us over and over again with changes. One call, and you're finished.

Please remember that your reception is party for you to enjoy! You've put an experienced professional in the driver's seat so relax and let the good times roll! NOTE: We offer an extensive music library, however take time to carefully consider any special song requests you may have.
We cannot be held responsible for special songs requests not given to us in advance.

Choosing music is easy with the following resources:
Billboard's Hot 100

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