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Our staff of professionals are ready to keep your wedding reception rolling and full of fun so that you may relax and enjoy your special day!

Step One: The first step is to book your reception. You do so by calling (814) 353-0112 or by emailing for availability. Be sure to include your name and evening phone number plus the date, time and location of your reception. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your booking. (NOTE: Emailing or calling alone does not give automatic booking status. Bookings are not set in stone until we contact you to confirm your information. Thank you.)

Step Two: Tell us about your Reception plans. You can submit your reception planner online, at your convenience, and rest assured that your wishes are known. Click here for the Online Reception Planner. (NOTE: Do not submit a reception planner until your date is confirmed. Only confirmed dates will be processed. Therefore anything submitted prior to a confirmed booking, will not be inputted to our system. Thank you.)

Step Three: If you wish to have specific songs, you must let us know well in advance. Choosing music is easy with the following resources:
Billboard's Hot 100

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